Why change?

A new alternative to the traditional agency or in-house studio.

We are a group of experienced, creative professionals who decided it was time for a change. Change to a more independent, flexible, entrepreneurial style agency to better serve the global client and today’s changing brands.

We offer creative services in brand design, advertising and marketing. We help you build your brand, tell its story and realize its potential. We help shine a light on your products and services, to communicate your offerings and connect with audiences in a compelling, creative way that is effective in the current communication and social landscape.

We are virtual. We are global. Wherever you are, wherever we are, with today’s technology, we can all do great work together. Without the overhead but with a network of specialists and partners, we have the resources to efficiently meet project specifications and exceed expectations. We are streamlined, lean and mean when it comes to offering you the best value for your money.

Quality, creative work. Trustworthy, experienced service. At a fraction of the cost.

Why not change?


• strategy
• creative/art direction
• visual identity
• website design & development
• social properties
• marketing collateral
• advertising
• print
• photography
• film/video
• motion graphics 

Julie Cha – Creative Director & Principal Designer, Owner

A creative at heart but armed with a B.Comm., Julie entered the advertising world through the business side of the agency. She started in media then moved onto account management and client services, gaining valuable experiences along the way. Julie always kept her eye on the creative side, however, until finally she took a happy leap down the corporate ladder to start again as art director at an agency in Toronto. There, she worked on integrated campaigns for national and international brands, including Wonder Bread, Strongbow, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. That was 10 years ago. Today, as a creative professional and entrepreneur, you can say her career path has prepared her very well indeed for what she loves to do… almost everything.

That’s the short version of a long story. For a more detailed version, ask her at julie@changecreative.ca

If you’d like to check out a selection of work from her creative career, please visit juliechacreative.com

Christopher Gentile – Principal Photographer & Director

Cast your memory back to that stereotype of the Hollywood director, complete with megaphone, jodhpurs, beret, riding crop and mid-Atlantic accent. Got it? Now wipe it thoroughly from your mind because Christopher is the complete antithesis of that image. Having embarked on a career in the film industry over 30 years ago, Christopher first developed his craft as a commercial director before pursuing his photography business in recent years. He brings a keen eye, a creative soul and boundless enthusiasm to his work, preferring to take a hands-on approach to the profession. He is passionate about all aspects of his shoots, including lighting design, cinematography, propping and more. And when he’s not capturing life through a lens, you will find him living it large at his getaway, ripping up the bay in his boat or windsurfer, or venturing more methodically on his paddleboard.

Wherever he is, he can be reached at christopher@changecreative.ca

Check out his portfolio at christophergentile.ca